Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 Days of Photo Tips Day 11

Black and white.

A lot of digital cameras have the option to shoot in different colors, sepia, black and white etc. With the exception of a few high end SLR's the black and white feature ususally falls short. I have always shot in color and used photoshop to convert to black and white. There are MANY black and white conversion actions out there. If you have photoshop or photoshop elements you can do a very easy one. Go to Image>Adjustments>desaturate. Now your photo will be black and white. Sometimes the colors get a little less saturated and I like to pop out the black a bit more. I go to Image>Adjustments>curves Then I take my mouse and grab the middle of the diagonal line and curve it slightly upward. then I crab the very left bottom of the line and slighty move it to the right. You can play with these curves to get the look you desire! And careful a little curvature goes a long way.

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