Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Gift Giving - Day 9

Today's Project is brought to you by KIP!
I bought the star at Big Lots after Xmas last year. It was one of those nasty looking metal ones that sold for $5.00!! What I did was this, laid one side down on a piece of paper, hanging off the side of the table which is the only way to do it, and traced it. Use your first one as a template for the rest of them as there are 10 sides to it. Just remember that you are flipping every other side!! I just used scrappy glue to glue them down to the star AFTER I had gone over it first with sandpaper to rough it up. Once I had all my sides down, I used stickles to go over the inner lines of it. In the middle of it I put a glob of diamond glaze and then put stickles on top of it. I tied a ribbon to the back of it as it has a hinge for hanging and tied a Martha Stewart sprig to it. Voila!! Easy peasy...now run right out to Big Lots and get one!!


:Jayne said...

Easy Peasy for you! I love it! I want to try one, now I just need to find one!

barb said...

Really beautiful Kip, I love the colors you used, very rich looking.cou

eljay716 said...

love the colors, can't wait to get my kit!