Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Photo Tips - Day 1

Our 12 Days of photo tips are brought to you by KnK's very own Robin Gibbons!

Tip #1 Lighting

There is lighting everywhere. You just have to find it! During the holiday season many pictures are shot at night or bright and early christmas morning. My bright and early christmas morning is way before the sun come up. I make sure I turn all the lights in the room we are in on, then shoot without flash. The more lights you have on, the less blur you get. If that is not possible try changing the out put of your flash. Some cameras have a setting to do that. If you don't, try diffusing your flash with masking tape or if you have a larger flash try a plastic cup over it. This will spread the light out and hopefully give a more flattering light on your subject. Try shooting some shots during the day. After the presents are opened and your hair is done is a good time to have the kids show you their favorite presents. Snapping a photo then, without flash, will make and enormous difference in the picture. Use the outside to your advantage! try to stay out of direct sunlight to prevent distracting shadows but near a window, or even on a porch with and awning will work!

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