Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We have moved!

To celebrate our new ownership of Creativity Boutique, we have developed a combined blog to show you all the latest at greatest from both KnK and Creativity Boutique. You can find our blog here

Saturday, August 22, 2009

KnK's September Kit is here

Butterfly kisses, flowers in bloom and ladybugs abound - KnK's September kit is here! Featuring Three Bugs in a Rug's Butterfly Kisses Collection, Basic Grey's Lemonade Collection, Heidi Swapp's Invisibles Collection, Bazzill coordinating card stock and flowers, and the cute lady bug stamp by Stampendous. We have included a 7 Gypsies accordion purse for you to decorate. Love embellishments and card stock? We have embellishment and Bazzill add-ons to coordinate with each monthly kit as well as other hand selected supplies to coordinate with this month's kit. Check out Our Gallery to see some of the Design Team's creations

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

KnK's August Kit

Here it is our August kit!!!!

and our cardstock addon!

and our embellishment addon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CHA Bound!!!!!!!!!!

The time has arrived and your KNK team is heading for Orlando, Florida for Summer CHA. Sonia headed up this morning to be sure all was set for the arrival of the gals. Sonia found us a wonderful house to rent so everyone could stay together!

Kip, Roz and Kelsey met Sonia there today.

Tomorrow Jules and Pam will arrive, Jill is flying into Orlando in the afternoon.

As far as our fearless leader she will be putting in a full day of work and then tomorrow about 6:30pm she will head for Orlando to join her team....

Chris will be there on Tuesday arriving on that big bird from the North. Hang in there Chris, all will be fine, trust me, I am old and know these things.

We may have some problems posting during this week as the girls will not have Internet in the house. Now if I know this team they will do their best to get some post up.

I can tell you Gerri-Anne has several meeting while there and has credit card in hand ready to order the latest and greatest for her members. I have watched her in action while she is picking goodies and papers for your up and coming kits. Gerri-Anne works herself into a frenzy making sure she orders all the best products for her members. I must say I am glad that is her job, with Sonia and the DT's help. I would have a nervous breakdown doing all that.

I will post any info I can, but I can assure you when they return we will have all kinds of information for you.

The latest report I have from Orlando........they are grocery shopping. Like an army, our girls travel on their stomach.

So.....Gerri-Anne........ go forth and spend, have some fun along the way! :-)


WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day so many of us have waited for. What's that you say it was the day we got to spend with the one and only Tim Holtz. I guess I should start at the beginning, Gerri-Anne and Barb left work Friday and headed for Tampa to meet up with with several KNK and Hilltop Memories members. The two groups tend to travel in a pack. We met at the wonderful restaurant Flamestone. After quenching our thirst with some liquid libation in the form of margaritas and mohitos(one must be very cautious of dehydration in Florida). We then had guacamole made fresh at our table, so good. If the above was not enough we forced ourselves to order a full meal. One must have their energy level up to meet Tim.

The big day has arrived, We all lined up like good little students with bright,shiny faces waiting for the classroom door at Ruban Rouge ( a great Tampa scrapbooking store) to open. As soon as we walked in there stood Tim and Mario with big smiles and we all just knew it was going to be a great day. For the next 7 1/2 hours we learned how to make the most incredible projects. The morning session we made these five pieces of jewelry. It was so much fun! Gerri-Anne will be ordering more of all things necessary for you to create your own. So much fun and a great way to use up some of your small left over materials. We took an hour lunch break and then back for the unbelievable wall hanging made of grunge board, crackle pain, inks and embellishments. This piece is a representation of everything Tim. This kit contained so much it would be impossible to list it all. Step by step Tim took us through this wonderful creation, telling us what you always hear from Tim " don't think to hard, don't worry, sit back and enjoy the journey". Many do just that, some of us worry about the outcome, but if you just listen to Tim as he takes you through the steps, you are amazed at what you just created.

Oh did I mention the grunge board rose, so beautiful. The picture above does not do them justice!

If all this excitement was not enough we got a surprise visit from our Jules, who had just picked up Pam, KNK's design team leader from the airport. I was thrilled as I will not be at CHA and I got a few minutes with Pam who is so dear to me.Sadly the day is over with Tim and Mario, so after the hugs and kisses good-bye to our friends, we head south to Fort Myers, talking all the way about what a wonderful day it had been and how much we had learned.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing KnK’s Refer a Friend Promotion

Do you have a friends that drool over your kit each month? Well….now is the time to tell them….”Hey! Get your own kit!”

Starting today, KnK will reward you and your friend for becoming a member of KnK!
For every friend that you refer, we will send BOTH of you a FABULOUS bag of extra goodies!

How do you make sure YOU get credit for your friend signing up?
Your friend just has to do 2 simple things:

1. When she signs up on the KnK website have her fill in your first and last name in the
Refer-A-Friend section on the first page of the sign up process.

2. Send us an email at admin@knkclub.com and include in the Subject “Refer-A-Friend”
And in the body of the email just type:

My name is (first and last name)
My friend (first and last name) just got me to join KNK!
Please send my friend and ME our Welcome to KnK! Goodie bag!!!!!!!!

That’s it!!!!!!! Your goodie bags will be sent with each of your next kit shipments. There is no limit to how many goodie bags you can get! So get ALL your scrapbooking buddies to sign up!

Offer Expires: July 30th 2009

As an extra bonus: for every 5 friends you get to join KnK you will have the fee for YOUR monthly kit waived!
5 friends = a savings of $24.95 to you!

So, What are you waiting for?? Show your friends why you love KnK so much!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Altered Altoids Tin by KnK Designer......... Amy Wilhelms

What you need:
an empty Altoids tin
scraps of patterned paper
Mod Podge
embellishments of choice
acrylic paint (optional)
I started by painting the edges of the top of the tin. This will be the only exposed area of the lid (unless you cover it with some kind of ribbon or trim), and I didn't want the gold to clash with my paper so I painted it white. Set aside to dry.
Cut a piece of cardstock to 10 5/8 x 3 1/2, then score it at 2 1/8, 4 1/4, 6 3/8, and 8 1/2. Fold it accordian style, then round the corners two at a time. Ink the edges and embellish with paper scraps etc. as desired. I also added a small ribbon to the back of the album to make it easier to pull the album out of the tin.
For the top of the tin, cut a piece of paper to 3 3/4 x 2 3/8 and glue it to the lid. I sanded the edges a little for an exact fit, but this isn't necessary. Ink the edges and embellish as desired. I kept my embellishments flat so they wouldn't catch on anything. Coat the top of the tin with a nice thick coat of Mod Podge to seal everything.
Add photos to your album, and you're done! This took under an hour to make (less drying time for the Mod Podge of course) and will make a great Mother's Day gift.