Sunday, July 26, 2009

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day so many of us have waited for. What's that you say it was the day we got to spend with the one and only Tim Holtz. I guess I should start at the beginning, Gerri-Anne and Barb left work Friday and headed for Tampa to meet up with with several KNK and Hilltop Memories members. The two groups tend to travel in a pack. We met at the wonderful restaurant Flamestone. After quenching our thirst with some liquid libation in the form of margaritas and mohitos(one must be very cautious of dehydration in Florida). We then had guacamole made fresh at our table, so good. If the above was not enough we forced ourselves to order a full meal. One must have their energy level up to meet Tim.

The big day has arrived, We all lined up like good little students with bright,shiny faces waiting for the classroom door at Ruban Rouge ( a great Tampa scrapbooking store) to open. As soon as we walked in there stood Tim and Mario with big smiles and we all just knew it was going to be a great day. For the next 7 1/2 hours we learned how to make the most incredible projects. The morning session we made these five pieces of jewelry. It was so much fun! Gerri-Anne will be ordering more of all things necessary for you to create your own. So much fun and a great way to use up some of your small left over materials. We took an hour lunch break and then back for the unbelievable wall hanging made of grunge board, crackle pain, inks and embellishments. This piece is a representation of everything Tim. This kit contained so much it would be impossible to list it all. Step by step Tim took us through this wonderful creation, telling us what you always hear from Tim " don't think to hard, don't worry, sit back and enjoy the journey". Many do just that, some of us worry about the outcome, but if you just listen to Tim as he takes you through the steps, you are amazed at what you just created.

Oh did I mention the grunge board rose, so beautiful. The picture above does not do them justice!

If all this excitement was not enough we got a surprise visit from our Jules, who had just picked up Pam, KNK's design team leader from the airport. I was thrilled as I will not be at CHA and I got a few minutes with Pam who is so dear to me.Sadly the day is over with Tim and Mario, so after the hugs and kisses good-bye to our friends, we head south to Fort Myers, talking all the way about what a wonderful day it had been and how much we had learned.



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