Sunday, July 26, 2009

CHA Bound!!!!!!!!!!

The time has arrived and your KNK team is heading for Orlando, Florida for Summer CHA. Sonia headed up this morning to be sure all was set for the arrival of the gals. Sonia found us a wonderful house to rent so everyone could stay together!

Kip, Roz and Kelsey met Sonia there today.

Tomorrow Jules and Pam will arrive, Jill is flying into Orlando in the afternoon.

As far as our fearless leader she will be putting in a full day of work and then tomorrow about 6:30pm she will head for Orlando to join her team....

Chris will be there on Tuesday arriving on that big bird from the North. Hang in there Chris, all will be fine, trust me, I am old and know these things.

We may have some problems posting during this week as the girls will not have Internet in the house. Now if I know this team they will do their best to get some post up.

I can tell you Gerri-Anne has several meeting while there and has credit card in hand ready to order the latest and greatest for her members. I have watched her in action while she is picking goodies and papers for your up and coming kits. Gerri-Anne works herself into a frenzy making sure she orders all the best products for her members. I must say I am glad that is her job, with Sonia and the DT's help. I would have a nervous breakdown doing all that.

I will post any info I can, but I can assure you when they return we will have all kinds of information for you.

The latest report I have from Orlando........they are grocery shopping. Like an army, our girls travel on their stomach.

So.....Gerri-Anne........ go forth and spend, have some fun along the way! :-)



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