Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing KnK’s Refer a Friend Promotion

Do you have a friends that drool over your kit each month? Well….now is the time to tell them….”Hey! Get your own kit!”

Starting today, KnK will reward you and your friend for becoming a member of KnK!
For every friend that you refer, we will send BOTH of you a FABULOUS bag of extra goodies!

How do you make sure YOU get credit for your friend signing up?
Your friend just has to do 2 simple things:

1. When she signs up on the KnK website have her fill in your first and last name in the
Refer-A-Friend section on the first page of the sign up process.

2. Send us an email at and include in the Subject “Refer-A-Friend”
And in the body of the email just type:

My name is (first and last name)
My friend (first and last name) just got me to join KNK!
Please send my friend and ME our Welcome to KnK! Goodie bag!!!!!!!!

That’s it!!!!!!! Your goodie bags will be sent with each of your next kit shipments. There is no limit to how many goodie bags you can get! So get ALL your scrapbooking buddies to sign up!

Offer Expires: July 30th 2009

As an extra bonus: for every 5 friends you get to join KnK you will have the fee for YOUR monthly kit waived!
5 friends = a savings of $24.95 to you!

So, What are you waiting for?? Show your friends why you love KnK so much!

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